30 April 2009

guerrilla gardening

Did some guerrilla gardening with my learners today. We watched highlights from iPlayer about the plight of honeybees then went out to do something small about it. Armed with wild flower seeds and a trowel we went out looking for scruffy bits of land. The first place we stopped was by a big bank of soil that had recently been planted up with ivy but looked really dull. I pulled out the trowel and immediately realised we were being watched by someone from the building. She called out, 'Can I help you?' and I bluffed my way through with 'So guys, what plant do you think this is?' and they joined in gamely before i waved my trowel like someone with authority and led them away with 'OK, if I could ask you all to move along this way...' and we legged it round the corner and cracked up!

We finally found 4 small spots to dig over some soil, water the ground, sow, cover and water again. There was a sense of adventure that got them reasonably well interested and enough perception of risk to make it better than sitting back in the classroom 'learning' stuff.

The irony is that when I got back, I was approached by my manager and someone from the aforementioned building to go and speak to their staff about young people and how to relate to them! ha ha. Hopefully I won't get recognised and questioned about it.

29 April 2009

in situ

Pirate Pimp at the  car park paying machine.

Paris withdrawing more cash!

Hail Caesar. Sassy pants in a phone box!

28 April 2009

more guerilla art in progress

Here are 4 creations, all set with 
messages to be let loose on the world!

Pirate Pimp!
Clive the Hulk!

"I am Caesar. Look at my furry pants!"

                                            "Luke, I am your father."

"I've lost my chihuahua!"

"Pimp my pirate ship."

27 April 2009

art stuff done by my learners

Totem pole heads! A display that will be loaned to the local library. 

An art piece called 'Dig in.' Not sure how much this was planned and how much just chucked together and called something fancy. No, actually I think I do know.

Air drying clay chickens for Easter...and bunnies and flowers. Other projects included an ash tray with a bunny smoking a spliff.

Coins. Led by two ladies from the museum getting the group to express what they would like to see on a coin if they were in charge of the country. No great shock about the images that cropped up there!