25 April 2009

An idea from 'The Guerilla Art Kit.' 
Page 95. 
'Making Friends.'
Maybe someone will like my eyes!

This one was great!




Can't remember where I bought it but I wish I'd bought more than the one bottle. The Ruby Cabernet I had before was a real disappointment but this was quite nutty on the nose, full and juicy on the palette. Label said black cherry but I thought blackberry.

Istanbul, last month. Some snap shots

guerilla art

Mini-me got 9781568986883 for his birthday and I'm going to nick some of the ideas out of it. So, today I have planted up 12 sunflower seeds in prep for some guerilla gardening later in the spring. Once they have germinated in their little peat pots, I'll take them down by the river, somewhere I regularly walk my dog, and plant them. It'll be fun walking past them every day to see how they're doing and also imagining other people's surprise and hopefully enjoyment when they see a random patch of up to a dozen sunflowers where you wouldn't expect them. Might even bring you pictures if you're very lucky.

21 April 2009

Twitter kickback

Somewhat irked by Twitter only allowing you a few characters.

Back to blogging.

Have been covertly putting together an adventurous proposal to give to the management when the management came to me and asked if i thought the very ideas i had been putting down would be feasible! Nice work.

Just bought a remote controlled aeroplane. For work. Now, obviously, scared that it won't work and I will have spent £20 on a piece of tat. We shall see.