22 December 2006

Even as he's holding up the toilet roll he's wondering why!

"You probably don't want to say that when you see her!"

If no-one sees the camera, is it really there?

They were NOT called Golden Nuggets.

I think you'll find they were.


Only sugary lolly pops could turn these cherubs into......

c R a Z i E s

you shall go to the ball!

21 December 2006

all change?

Today I spent a good quarter of an hour looking through all the hair dyes in Tesco deciding what to go for. Eventually I chose something that looked considerably different from my hair colour but natural enough not to make roots look like my head is cracking open when they grow through. I followed the instructions to the last letter.

The result?

Absolutely nothing. I can't see any difference, nor can mini-me.

20 December 2006

What mighty conquests rise from trivial things

Have been thinking big thoughts recently. It starts with me having a huge blank canvas and a paint brush in my hand......I add me and mini me in the middle......

All suggestions for a future picture welcome.

19 December 2006


"I can't find W"
"The W's. I can't find them."

Whose line?

Forgot just how much I loved 'Whose line is it anyway?' when it was on. Have only just dipped my foot into you tube.

Love Ryan.

Ryan Stiles

17 December 2006

Have just started reading this and I think it should be very good. More teen fiction - as I'm too busy at work to keep going with anything that needs a great deal of concentration at the moment - the blurb goes;

It was just supposed to be a routine exam. But when the doctors snake the fiber-optic tube down Robert Smith's throat, what they discover doesn't make medical sense. Plastic casings. Silver filaments. Moving metal parts. In his naked, anesthetized state on the operating table, Robert hears the surgeons' shocked comments: "What the hell is that?" "It's me," Robert thinks, "and I've got to get out of here." Armed with a stolen automatic and the videotape of his strange organs, he manages to escape, and to embark on an orphan's violent odyssey to find out exactly who--exactly what--he is.

Quite the weekend

2 days off in a row deserves blogging!

made an apple, blackcurrant and redcurrant crumble, 3 dozen mince pies & 20-25 parmesan cheese rounds for savoury snacking.

Had the work Christmas do which was fun. Lots of fabulous chinese food to eat, hugs from people I least expected but most welcome and lots of agreeable red wine. Plenty to laugh about and a most successful secret santa.

I gave a picture type of thing I had drawn that went down really well. I received a pack of 4 Reebok running socks that I am well chuffed about. I reckon the poor quality socks I've been using before might be partly to blame for the sore legs I've had all week that has prevented me from running. We shall see.

KA had its Carol Service this evening which was packed out and went really well. Always very creative and ambient.

And now we head into the mythical and legendary WEEK 34, the place where dreams come true and nightmares flourish!