21 December 2006

all change?

Today I spent a good quarter of an hour looking through all the hair dyes in Tesco deciding what to go for. Eventually I chose something that looked considerably different from my hair colour but natural enough not to make roots look like my head is cracking open when they grow through. I followed the instructions to the last letter.

The result?

Absolutely nothing. I can't see any difference, nor can mini-me.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you didn't leave the dye on long enough. I always leave the dye on way longer than I'm supposed to. Until the smell of my burning scalp alerts me that it is probably time to rinse.

I, of course, have been a great help here.

Anonymous said...

i like the clever use of colour font, nice.
re: joke thing, i would always run with the line...
'that's the best pudding i've ever tasted', he said exaggerating a trifle.

not likely to get that in a cracker, now reveal all.

'....and i fell out of bed twice'

eric bristow