26 November 2005

Mud Shark

Last night was fun and only curtailed by having to wake up at half 6 for work this morning. Went to see a friend of a friends, now almost a friend if he can remember me (!), band Mud Shark. I have yet to find out why. They were really very good. They played Esquires which, before I knew about the place, I took to be some salacious joint that had a side line in escorting agency work - the sort I'm lead to believe advertise in the back of free newspapers. Au contraire. It's a gritty little den for the weird and wonderful. Last night we constituted the weird. I played pool like a girl. Yes, I played on the team that comprehensively outclassed the opposition for 99% of the game then I fluffed on the black ball every time to the delight of the ever so slightly competitive males.
The stamp on the back of my hand seems to be indelible.
Hung out with the ever lovely and interesting J&A and the ever lovely D.
And yes Mole I did hear you say "she always needs you". ha ha ha ha! He doesn't know about this blog does he?? yikes.
Tomorrow's blog entry will swing from the ridiculous to the sublime. Watch this space.

25 November 2005

overheard at work

"Oh yeah, keep the receipt then you can prove you bought something for her and didn't just nick it."

20 November 2005

ooh doggeh!

just cos he's canine doesn't mean he can't enjoy a film with the quilt downstairs like the rest of us!

here's 'monteh' showing how he's feeling part of the furniture now. (those pieces he hasn't chewed)