23 May 2013

Holiday times

Considering we chose Harlech based on the fact that there was a song about it and the cottage looked nice online, we have truly struck gold with this place.

We didn't realise how close it was to Italiante village & setting of The Prisoner, Portmeirion.

We didn't realise we would haphazardly come across an open garden, 2 acres in size and full of waterfalls, ponds, ducks and winding pathways.

We didn't anticipate coming across a nature trail, deeply wooded and thick with bluebells.

We didn't expect 6 mile hikes in fabulous sunshine with breathtaking views.

We couldn't have anticipated finding dozens of common heart-shaped urchins washed up on the beach

We didn't think it was possible to get this close to sheep and be able to touch lambs over a dry-stone wall

We expected some rain, watching lots of films, drinking wine, eating chocolate, staying in bed late, reading, drawing and painting.

We got all that too!

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20 May 2013

Portmeirion; place of prisoners and pottery

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19 May 2013

Women of Harlech

With mixed feelings, I have finished my course in Wales. It has been an incredible experience. What I knew before I have learnt again by viewing it through the lens of someone who will soon be practicing in another culture.

My mate, Sarah, and I are now enjoying a break in North Wales for a week.

Starting our second full day here, we have already watched a couple of films (the haunting 'A Beautiful Mind' & the comic mob film 'Analyze this'), seen the beach and decided to do as little as possible.

The cottage we have rented is beautiful. A fantastically well designed layout for such a small space. Tasteful, new, clean and stylish.

We found a geo cache yesterday by a huge metal sculpture of the Welsh dragon.

The beach is huge and empty with beautiful dunes.

Not much in the way of bird life but very scenic

It made us both think of the Sahara :)

Climbing up the dunes, Sarah literally 'filled her boots' - with sand.

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