25 October 2015

Extraordinary people

Have met some extraordinary people this week. Most of them I can't type about but I am currently sat next to one.

We are crammed together in a little plane flying between the Canaries and the Sahara desert. I'm glad I struck up conversation with him because through photos, hand gestures and 3rd year Spanish from 30 years ago, I have learnt how interesting he is. He is a Spaniard from Seville, married with three kids and owns lots of horses. He is visiting our neck of the woods for the first time with his mate who is a regular in order to buy camels. I have tried to ask how they are shipped but couldn't make myself understood. Of course buying and selling camels is pretty standard for where I am but think what a wild idea this would be to his neighbours!!

At first I was miffed because sitting next to him meant I couldn't get to talk to Hannah. Now I'm enjoying his chatter, singing and tray tapping. Don't be put off by appearances & negative expectations, Joy

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