27 August 2007


Giggled inappropriately like a girl last night as an *unnamed for legal reasons friend impersonated *unnamed for legal reasons person in a shockingly inaccurate and cruel portrayal of said person as a lascivious old man/woman.

hey, big brother read my blog 'cover to cover' once you know so i have to be cautious!

26 August 2007

Just had to share...

A friend of mine, whilst at college, was asked by an American tourist where
she might find the baythroom. My friend replied, helpfully, that in England,
people called this the lavatory unless they were actually looking to have a full
body wash. The tourist came back with: do you hayve to be so paytronizing. My
friend replied: I think you'll find it's pronounced patronizing.

A great comment I found on the mighty palimp and it made me roar!!!