26 August 2007

Just had to share...

A friend of mine, whilst at college, was asked by an American tourist where
she might find the baythroom. My friend replied, helpfully, that in England,
people called this the lavatory unless they were actually looking to have a full
body wash. The tourist came back with: do you hayve to be so paytronizing. My
friend replied: I think you'll find it's pronounced patronizing.

A great comment I found on the mighty palimp and it made me roar!!!


Broady said...

Dry, British humor. I love it!

I hope the American had a sufficiently clever and smartass retort, although he probably didn't. We Americans tend to prefer cussing and fisticuffs as a means of dispute resolution.

kumquat said...

wow. i just linked to your blog and read your most recent post. that is some awesome writing going on there. thank you. good to have you send up a flare as our vessels pass. hope to see you again.