26 July 2013


I just opened a bottle of champagne on the bus to Cambridge!

She's called Sylvia and I offered some of the sweets I had. She then exploded with rapid conversation about her love of the theatre and how she used to go to the old theatre on Ashburnham Road. When she was a small girl a man from a rep company knocked on the door asking for accommodation and they ended up meeting all the girls in the company who they took on the river where they all fell in and her mother ended up having a houseful of actresses knickers hanging out to dry!!!

What a firecracker!

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22 July 2013

Honey-crusted spectacles

Now I may be viewing this place through rose-tinted croissants but this bakery on Wendover Drive is no ordinary bread & bun joint.
Reco-ed by local gourmets and foodie folks, Tim & Greta, I stumbled out of my house-sitting pad for a 10:30 breakfast.

I chose a few things from the cooked breakfast menu and sat outside in the sun. Mushrooms; generous, cooked to perfection, bacon; crispy but not burnt, hash browns; standard but good, sausage; average but no complaints. They could do with visiting Lingers Butchers but all in all a good breakfast with medium-strong coffee.
The Honey Crust Bakery is a full on Italian deli too and sells a modest range of cakes including the Bedfordshire speciality - chocolate toothpaste.

I shall return