22 July 2013

Honey-crusted spectacles

Now I may be viewing this place through rose-tinted croissants but this bakery on Wendover Drive is no ordinary bread & bun joint.
Reco-ed by local gourmets and foodie folks, Tim & Greta, I stumbled out of my house-sitting pad for a 10:30 breakfast.

I chose a few things from the cooked breakfast menu and sat outside in the sun. Mushrooms; generous, cooked to perfection, bacon; crispy but not burnt, hash browns; standard but good, sausage; average but no complaints. They could do with visiting Lingers Butchers but all in all a good breakfast with medium-strong coffee.
The Honey Crust Bakery is a full on Italian deli too and sells a modest range of cakes including the Bedfordshire speciality - chocolate toothpaste.

I shall return

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