12 November 2005


best mate happy and pretty at party. nice.
work. good.
flicks with Mr K. fun.
Another piercing. cool.

11 November 2005


day off and desperate for sleep so what do i do? jam pack it full of stuff so my feet don't touch the ground.
Looking through the latest Jamie to find a new recipe for lunch. Taking the MIL for her birthday treat today - manicure and nails. Having a friend over for said lunch. Going to my bestest mates birthday party this evening which involves me 'finishing' her present sometime today as well.

8 November 2005


(a reference for the eagle eyed palimpers only)

uh huh today was fun again. something weird is going on with the time/space thingy round my way. i leave 15 minutes earlier for work every day but i still arrive at the same time. ie...5 minutes after the cleaner has left in a huff cos i'm still not there to open the door for her.

wore my rocket dogs and discovered one foot is wider than the other. i'm sure there was an easier way to find out. i will trust in the forgiving quality of leather until i'm crippled.

had a hoot sifting through cv's which i can't possibly divulge but 12 spelling mistakes on a page and a half is going some right? and whenever was tearing out a page of spiral bound paper from a playboy pad a great way to impress a prospective employer? i have a real soft spot for the applicants who tell me how competent they are on the computer but clearly haven't located spellcheck.

7 November 2005

delayed photos from oxford

retail therapy

new shoes!! good ole tkmaxx sold me a pair of shoes for £33 less than the normal price. what nice folks.

Take the orange words and the laces from the shoe above and combine it with the round toes of the shoe below and you pretty much have what I bought. Someone out there is going to be as interested in this as me.... or not.

6 November 2005


planned to have a beautiful clean and tidy house by the end of the day but all good intentions went awry.

today i did church as per usual then took MIL out for dinner. was heartily disappointed by my 'smash' potatoes and MIL's lamb and mushroom pie that had no lamb in it. also am turning into an old woman who gets riled by loud mouthed crass idiots shouting, f-ing and blinding about people getting smacked in and throwing up with all the sound effects to go with it. rahhhh.

talked to MIL about how I plan to put aside some extra money for emergencies such as the washing machine breaking down.

Got home. the washing machine broke down. spooky.

Spent two hours round MIL's with our washing.

Cocktails to walking up and down castle road in my pyjamas (oh did i not mention that?!) ... really quite a weekend. See? THIS is why work is such a pleasure!


Worked all day and had a great one. Roberta Taylor did a signing which was modest but fun. Did exciting-to-me and dull-to-you things like whooping budget ass and working with new team members.
Got home at half seven to be upbraided by Mr K for leaving my mobile at work and told to hurry up we had to leave in 5 minutes.
Off to fireworks at Smudgers. Really amazing generosity. Fireworks went on and on and on, enough beef and pork for 200 (?) people to get right royally stuffed and my mate Flow's band playing. Marvelloush. Took our own drink, as requested, and I nursed a bottle of chianti all night. I was outrageously drunk by the end but I only had to get up once in the night to throw up...! (eek)


had a crazy fun hilarious day with digger. essentially wandered round oxford drinking, eating and giggling. mighty good fun. actually had some cool deep mind food discussions as well which is always a good thing. learnt some interesting stuff about that thar digga. in brief, she's as bright as my shoes. she learnt a lot about me. in brief, i have 364 sensible days a year where i am mostly normal, coherant, professional and organised and 1 day when i become the antithesis of all things logical. guess which day she got?
so, i get onto the oxford park and ride and text that i'm arriving. only i don't have her mobile number in my phone. no problem, she emailed it to me so i'll find an internet cafe and get it. only, i seem to have deleted it when i get there. no problem, i'll just panic. always a good back up plan. i know, i'll post notes highlighting my stupidity on every website i know she visits. someone else will have her number and get back to me. only, they don't. but life saver Mr Self has her work number. no problem. I'll just ring her work place and ask them to disclose personal contact details of one of their colleagues with absolutely no reference point as to who I might be. So, that worked! Eventually met up at midday, though I should say I got lost trying to find her even once we had made phone contact.
I didn't stop there though. oh no. i came out with a volley of stupidity all day long. "oh i want one of those, what are they?" ... "wow, what's this unmarked book, oh, it's actually a divider on the shelf" ... "oh, i forgot i was meant to tell my son he's sleeping over at a friends house tonight and i'm two counties away" ...
I'm sure there were more. Feel free to chip in Digger, it's open season here today!
But what a fantastic fun day. It would appear that, with the exception of my idiocy, Digger and I are in fact the same person. Too many times we both talked about quirky stuff we both do or think or love to hate etc.
Wonderful mezze at Jericho Cafe, incredible cocktails at the QI bar, extravagant sausages and stories at The Big Bang.
This was a must repeat day.... unless Digger has decided I'm a full time loon.

(this post had to be red, obviously)