5 April 2007


oh my goodness
why must i share?

4 April 2007

General Pintoage...everyone's favourite dictator.

My blog has been visited by someone who really knows about wine and doesn't just pretend - like I do!
So PM, welcome :) How did you find me?
This is the Pinochet that beat me into servitude.
I know next to nothing about wine, truth be told but at the beginning of 2007 I decided to hone my wine skills beyond "Of course, I like it, it's red" so I started a wine journal, as modelled by the lovely Moleskine notebook here. I rate my drinking experience from Low 1 through to High 3. This Pinotage got a high 1 which is very good. Only my favourite Chianti regularly scores higher than that! (Tonight I'm drinking a low 3 and I don't know if I'll bother to finish the glass)
I write up a short review of the wine after drinking such as 'Actually perfect. Dark and meaty with hardly any bitterness...' and 'Really bad. Had one sip and had to throw the glass out.' Then being the geek that I am, I enter each wine at the back so I have a page for each rating and can see what types of wine keep coming up higher than the others. Oh, and I have a final page of countries where I tally off the bottles to make sure I'm drinking from all over the world and not just going back to favourite places all the time.
PM, please add whatever comments you like here - anything you can teach me about wine is great.
No-one needs to tell me what to do with this glass I'm on now though. It has a bouquet of urea.

3 April 2007

Stuck in

The new job is bonkers busy. A couple of the girls had a leaving do this evening so I had 2.5 hours to kill between the end of work and the meal. So I stayed at work. Even working all that extra time I only got a fraction of the work done that needs doing. Even so, for some reason I am LOVING it. I have quite a few days off over Easter so hopefully I'll get some rest then before launching back in.

The rooster and penguin are pics I took a couple of years ago at the zoo but I still think are worth showing.
In other news; I am getting almost zero reading time and I'm still on Amaniti's 2nd novel, 'Steal you Away.' Seems ok but not as good as his first, 'I'm not Scared.'
I have decided that Pinotage is a good grape and that you can judge a wine by it's label!

1 April 2007

hipporaphs & kangerillas!

'In with the lemurs' at Whipsnade Zoo wasn't exactly what we expected but this level of meditation can't be interupted with a cuddle!
However....end of the day and the zookeeper out of sight...!

Baby elephant - 10 weeks old!

See that pile of leaves? The one with the eyes...