1 April 2007

hipporaphs & kangerillas!

'In with the lemurs' at Whipsnade Zoo wasn't exactly what we expected but this level of meditation can't be interupted with a cuddle!
However....end of the day and the zookeeper out of sight...!

Baby elephant - 10 weeks old!

See that pile of leaves? The one with the eyes...


smith said...

lemur pic is excellent, haha.

leopard one i really had to look for that. how did you spot that composition, very impressed, you definately have an eye for the unseen.


kumquat said...

Thanks :)


We had a fab day. Mini-me is off for the week with his Dad so I wanted to do something really fun before he went so I'd not feel too lonely once he went.

It's working...kind of. So long as I don't think about it. Miss the 'lil blighter!