13 April 2013


Today I read a lot of academic articles then watched an episode of black books I'd never seen before. (Also learnt more Welsh, transcribed phonetics, wrote up homework on tumblr and cooked risotto) Then I painted my picture for the day.

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10 April 2013

Language fortnight

These two weeks are not about me working on my Arabic but gaining learning tools for any language learning.

As part of this mini course, I am learning some German and Welsh. Have been playing with a fun Internet tool, Audacity, that is a record and edit type affair. Also have had to open a tumblr account in order to blog all our homework. It's becoming quite the project. Absolutely full on, especially after class with meeting language helpers, recording spoken Welsh, blogging homework and practicing a new language!

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I hath the human under my contrrrol! She ith powerleth in the faith of the PAW!

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9 April 2013

Dog-sitting & phonemes

Tonight begins a 9 day event looking after Finley the chihuahua and look who's getting a taste for chorizo!

My friend and I will be living in with our doggy ward and working on an intense week of language training.
The language section of the course has been made competitive so guess who worked for 4+ hours last night and had 2 bits of toast for dinner?!

Have been winding down in the evenings by playing with my watercolours. Working on letters of the alphabet and a little illustration in my diary for each day.