28 September 2013

Not cricket!

Enjoying some reminders that this just isn't Blighty;

Paying 37.5p for a taxi anywhere in town

Paying 22.5p for a bus anywhere in town

Catching myself taking the bus to save money!!!

Going out for a walk at half one a.m and by no means being the only ones

Seeing camel spam on sale in the supermarket

Noticing trees

Waking in the middle of the night and thinking oh it's just the goats next door

Walking on the road of a dual carriageway because the pavements are in such a state of disrepair

Agreeing to put a porridge of barley on my face and call it a beauty treatment

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26 September 2013

Seriously now...

...how fantastic are my mates?
I've been here less than a fortnight and I've had so many encouraging emails and texts.
A couple of things must be shouted out.
A superbly funny Voxer message from four girls singing together just to cheer me up for a few seconds and a group of friends who printed off a FB picture....well, let me show you;

A picture nabbed from FB of me this week.
These gestures mean a phenomenal amount and the thought and laughter they bring me last way beyond the moment. I am proud to have you as mates.
There are a lot of other examples of friendship of those helping me through my first few days. You rock.
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23 September 2013

Couscous by hand

Get a wadging great pile of flour.
Add a mixture of water, salt & cumin but not enough to make a dough.

Sieve twice

Lay on big tray & cover with some clean material like a mlhfa.
Stick on the roof for a couple of days if the sun is really hot, stirring from time to time.
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