23 May 2007

and miles to go before i sleep

Today I have been in Manchester, Sheffield, Chesterfield, Leicester.....ok, so I was on a train.

Back from my 1st annual managers conference. I felt ill the whole time I was away and left the free bar at half 12. Sober. Others were there for many hours more. I watched the hangovers downing coffee the next morning. After I'd had 9 hours sleep.

Conn Iggulden made it for me, I think. They should have allowed him to speak for longer. Very funny, engaging man. Louise Rennison was fabulously outrageous. Iain Banks was understated. John O'Farrell, Rory Bremner and others were there too.

The year's round up showed the marathon team who ran for Dyslexia Action and the comment that these were the best legs in the company!

I was caught on film during the day rejoicing in Man Utd's recent loss and was put up on the big screen with others who'd had odd questions sprung on them as they walked from one 'breakout' group to another, searching for water or a cool table to curl up under.

I asked for the vegetarian meal and was served sausages instead. I meant to thank the waiter for the best tasting veggie sausages I'd ever had but I missed him when he came to collect my plate!

Met a strange man with a strange picture of a strange dress and a table full of strange people looking for its wearer. Unnerving.