1 November 2013

One evening

Hung out with H (not from Steps just to clarify). Had dinner of half a bread each, stuffed with chopped sausages (lamb), onions and chilli sauce for 75p. For both. Not each :)

Looked round the fish market and saw some stunning beasties from the deep!

Looked at and resisted buying some serious local bling for a 'monasaba' (wedding party) I'm invited to on Monday.

Negotiated the art of buying mlhfa (local dress) with a degree of success. Of course it's not as simple as seeing piles of material and choosing which you like.

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30 October 2013

I can tile a rainbow...

I gather, clean and clip tiles left all over the ground;

I form a picture;

I put it on wood and grout;

Moderately pleased with a first attempt but already plenty I will change for next time

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29 October 2013

A typical scene;

A street completely blocked off by a huge tent. Usually fora wedding or perhaps a naming ceremony. Drivers can find another route!

Strange places I've found Kitty Malone in my apartment;

In the bath, in the drying up rack...

And in other news;

My friend's dog has had puppies!

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27 October 2013

The inexplicable;

Snails sold on the street for immediate consumption.

Taxi drivers stopping to chat to mates.

Camel in a cul de sac.

Car stopping and reversing back up street to shout at me in Spanish.

Drivers indicating the way they intend to turn.

Stray dog trotting the wrong way down a dual carriageway.

The fun;

Offered a puppy if the meeting of two pure white dogs goes well (one purebred Siberian husky)

Cleaners blitzing the house

Getting grout to holdup


Getting my mate back from Eastern Europe

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