10 March 2006

brief interlude


see you when i get back
if anyone wants a postcard, send me your request by this evening.

7 March 2006

and two days ago...

we had a woman in the store wearing a gasmask.

my how the darth vader jokes went on after she'd left.


"if i've seen a book i want, am i allowed to take it off the shelf or do i have to come to the desk?"

word for word. quaint how there are still people in the C21st who haven't grasped the concept of shopping. heaven help her at tesco.

couple of days ago a customer rang up to say her book was damaged and she only noticed when she'd got home, would i pay for her parking to come back in and get a replacement?

5 March 2006


never before in the history of all things culinary has a finer crust and rice pudding been sampled.
Now to work on the clanger liberation front.
'Moo' and 'baaa' say we for the dark grey turkeys.