11 July 2012

For Sale...

Someone recommended that I list my sale items on my blog. So here’s a list of everything I have sorted and put on Facebook up til now. There will be more as time goes by. (5 team points to anyone who can name that film allusion!)

Portmeirion. Botanic Garden, Variations items:

Coffee pot. £18. (retails at £56)

Deep, lidded casserole dish. £15

Oval serving dish. £10

Medium salad bowl. £15

Deep lasagne dish £17

4 bowls. £5 each or £15 for the lot

3 ramekin dishes. £4 each or £10 for the lot

Salt and pepper pots. £10

3 espresso cups and saucers. £5 each

Planter. £8

Small cake plate. Just for fun, free to the first person who can tell me which dialect of Arabic I’ve been learning.

Small vase. Has small chip so make me an offer

Large slo-cooker in perfect condition. £20

Very pretty divided dip/snack server in ‘loaves and fishes’ design from Israel/Palestine. £12

Selection of wall plates from Israel/Palestine and Turkey in traditional designs. Make me an offer individually or for all (pictures currently only available on FB)

Spaghetti jar. £10

Biscuit barrel. £10

4 x deep pasta bowls in cream with olive detail and big, matching serving dish. £20

Bergen 8. Eight person tent. Only used once. £150 (retails at £300)

Various puzzles at £1 each

Great, sturdy chicken coop. Well made and houses a maximum of 4 birds. 2 laying areas inside with perches. Pulley interior door and large door to rear for access and cleaning. £75

 Chocolate fountain. Good quality and condition. £25

Set of cute tapas dishes in white porcelain in the letters T A P A S. £7

Miniature, carpet boule/petanque set. £5

Anthony Worrall-Thompson hand-held blender. £8

Home, James...

So I’ve been back three weeks so an update is overdue. The first thing that struck me about being home was HAYFEVER and a CHEST INFECTION!

It’s good to be home, though, and I’ve loved catching up with friends and family again, not to mention the hound!  There’s no way to really sum up what four months (nearly) in the desert is like but I’ve got a much better idea now of the things I will find difficult living there long-term. It’s good to go with a realistic view. At the same time it was a bit of a ‘honeymoon period’ but then whoever didn’t go on honeymoon because they had to face day to day life when they got home?!

So my days now are spent looking for summer work (6 applications in at the moment), trying to sell all my worldly belongings, walking the dog, hanging out with friends and reading.

Since getting back I’ve read ‘From Foreign to Familiar’ (2/5. Some good bits but pretty much candy floss), ‘Irresistible Revolution’ (3/5, well worth a read, challenging but a single-issue book) & a biography of Hudson Taylor (5/5, inspiring, challenging, thought-provoking) Have started a fictional book while I wait for something else to arrive in the post and I pretty much want to slap the protagonist at the moment!

Other significant news:

·      I’ve learnt how to make custard tart