24 June 2006


Sat down and watched some world cinema with mini-me this evening. It was very funny in parts but mostly bleak and touching. I thought it wasn't bad but when I asked mini-me at the end he replied; 'honestly? ... I thought it was pants."

22 June 2006

london town

...and so on to another day in the big smoke. hob-nobbing with the very highest at leadenhall market for lunch before whizzing over to euston to discuss company branding. (it will be introduced for absenteeism initially!)

a very funky outfit where the staff all look happy and relaxed swirling across the rubberised floors in their swivel chairs. sitting up to groovy clover leaf tables, mooching around their macs and generally playing with colours and words. in one fell swoop looking to all the world as if they own your soul but still want to be friends.

nice to see you again phillie. was flattered gill asked my advice. hope tomorrow with 'he-who-is-not-JR' goes well. you'll be fine, just have a top 40 promo stuffed in your back pocket and name drop. it'll be a breeze!

oh and phillie, explain to gill that cut and paste doesn't actually mean scissors and glue ;) heh heh.

21 June 2006

my first regional meeting!!!!!

That about says it all. I thought it was going to be a hotbed of radical ideas and burgeoning new thinking and I was bitterly disappointed. (snort!)
216 kept running out to throw up and got greyer by the minute,
poor chap.
everything by comparison was crushingly pedestrian.
given the absence of all things 'touchy feely', the whole experience was rather cold and intimidating.
but drinks afterwards put paid to that. even so, no gossip of any weight to feedback. even the boy wonder at 429 seems to be improving.
'no ships nor nobody drownded, fact nothing to laugh at, at all!'

19 June 2006

Did you know that the sign '&' is called an ampersand? This is the kind of revelation that keeps geeks like myself happy for hours.

So anyway...
Here's a question to which I need a wholeheartedly
English, eccentric response.
It has come to my attention that those who are really getting on in my company have something in common. A decidedly outr hobby. Clearly I need one.
Your suggestions please.
It can be anything as long as it isn't going to cost me an arm, a leg, a marriage or a spell in prison! Although something with a risk element wouldn't be beyond my consideration.
Do your worst.
My destiny is in your hands.

18 June 2006

reasons why I always (feel the need to) win

If it hadn't been for the fact that Mr K landed on 'free parking' 5 times and collected millions of pounds, I would have won Monopoly. Technically then I think you can say that I won. At least the moral victory is mine and has nothing to do with Nicci being too sleepy to buy property and mini-me being an air head and spending more time counting his money than noticing when he should be collecting rent. No connection at all. Ergo, I win. Right?

what goes 'bing boingg bingg boinggg'? This isn't a joke! We think it must be frogs indigenous to Manton Heights only where they can be heard binging and boinging at night all through the summer.

Had a fab BBQ with Scotty and Nicci where the evenings highlights were seeing 3 lads in a freezing cold pool giggling like a bunch of girls at how cold it was, painting the decking while the grub was a-cooking and oh what was the other thing...ah yes, winning at monopoly.