22 June 2006

london town

...and so on to another day in the big smoke. hob-nobbing with the very highest at leadenhall market for lunch before whizzing over to euston to discuss company branding. (it will be introduced for absenteeism initially!)

a very funky outfit where the staff all look happy and relaxed swirling across the rubberised floors in their swivel chairs. sitting up to groovy clover leaf tables, mooching around their macs and generally playing with colours and words. in one fell swoop looking to all the world as if they own your soul but still want to be friends.

nice to see you again phillie. was flattered gill asked my advice. hope tomorrow with 'he-who-is-not-JR' goes well. you'll be fine, just have a top 40 promo stuffed in your back pocket and name drop. it'll be a breeze!

oh and phillie, explain to gill that cut and paste doesn't actually mean scissors and glue ;) heh heh.


Big Uni Town Boss said...

Can you me e-mail me either at home or at Uni-ville with a round-up of what went on and what plans they've got ?

kumquat said...

will do. essentially nothing is decided and we were just asked to give our opinions but yeah, i'll give you a bit more detail.