18 June 2006

reasons why I always (feel the need to) win

If it hadn't been for the fact that Mr K landed on 'free parking' 5 times and collected millions of pounds, I would have won Monopoly. Technically then I think you can say that I won. At least the moral victory is mine and has nothing to do with Nicci being too sleepy to buy property and mini-me being an air head and spending more time counting his money than noticing when he should be collecting rent. No connection at all. Ergo, I win. Right?

what goes 'bing boingg bingg boinggg'? This isn't a joke! We think it must be frogs indigenous to Manton Heights only where they can be heard binging and boinging at night all through the summer.

Had a fab BBQ with Scotty and Nicci where the evenings highlights were seeing 3 lads in a freezing cold pool giggling like a bunch of girls at how cold it was, painting the decking while the grub was a-cooking and oh what was the other thing...ah yes, winning at monopoly.



Big Uni Town Boss said...

Can there be a 'moral victory' in a game that glorifies in rampant capitalism ?

First day went pretty well I think (and yours ?) but I'm going to spend a significant portion of this summer in my car. My carbon footprint just went up two shoe sizes.

kumquat said...

No you're absolutely right and come the revolution when they bring out 'collectivism; the board game' i'll be queueing up with my comrades to beat my silver boot and iron into ploughshares.

First day went fine all round thanks. Honcho seems very agreeable and easy to get on with. Zipped over to Ket this afternoon to push pieces of paper around, frown studiously and nod tentatively.

But enough of this chit chat, i have a blog entry to compose!