21 June 2006

my first regional meeting!!!!!

That about says it all. I thought it was going to be a hotbed of radical ideas and burgeoning new thinking and I was bitterly disappointed. (snort!)
216 kept running out to throw up and got greyer by the minute,
poor chap.
everything by comparison was crushingly pedestrian.
given the absence of all things 'touchy feely', the whole experience was rather cold and intimidating.
but drinks afterwards put paid to that. even so, no gossip of any weight to feedback. even the boy wonder at 429 seems to be improving.
'no ships nor nobody drownded, fact nothing to laugh at, at all!'


alimal said...

For the morris... no you don't have to be a bloke - there are mixed sides, and all female sides! There's an all-women side in cambridge,and a mixed one nearer to home... go oooon, you'd love it! big sticks! music! fun! beer!

kumquat said...

when have you ever seen me drink beer? it's a ridiculous notion.

Big Uni Town Boss said...

Regional meetings !?! - oh the glamour !!! Welcome to the (often rather tedious) real world ...

kumquat said...

i would have settled for a scrap of scurrilous gossip but no, nowt.