23 May 2013

Holiday times

Considering we chose Harlech based on the fact that there was a song about it and the cottage looked nice online, we have truly struck gold with this place.

We didn't realise how close it was to Italiante village & setting of The Prisoner, Portmeirion.

We didn't realise we would haphazardly come across an open garden, 2 acres in size and full of waterfalls, ponds, ducks and winding pathways.

We didn't anticipate coming across a nature trail, deeply wooded and thick with bluebells.

We didn't expect 6 mile hikes in fabulous sunshine with breathtaking views.

We couldn't have anticipated finding dozens of common heart-shaped urchins washed up on the beach

We didn't think it was possible to get this close to sheep and be able to touch lambs over a dry-stone wall

We expected some rain, watching lots of films, drinking wine, eating chocolate, staying in bed late, reading, drawing and painting.

We got all that too!

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