29 April 2006


have run twice this week now! just back from jogging round the marina with Mr K on his kitchen ... er I mean, bike ;) and Monty the wild critter.

this is all training for the race for life this summer. does anyone from round here know how far it is round the marina? i could do with an idea and if any of you know off the tops of your heads, well, frankly, it'll save me having to do the research!

in the meantime you can all look forward to get emails from me in the near future begging for money for a good cause ie...seeing me half dead.

what a lovely day it is and the flowers in my garden are fab.

happy weekends all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh, i did used to know this when i was trainng for a 10-miler. Options:

1. it's about a mile, as we ran round it twice and then some a few years ago in race for life.

2. if you know how quickly (slowly) you run a mile in, you could work it out.

3. If Jon's kitchen has a milopedalometerythingy, he could calculate.

4. A bit if string and an OS map. It's how I calculated all my runs. Before i realised it was easier to just guess.