4 January 2006

brainiac update

news in brief:

he has to have another scan in feb to see if the tumor has grown. nothing was said about if it hadn't grown but if it has, he'll have to go for a biopsy and then maybe radiotherapy. if he has to have a biopsy, he won't be able to drive for 2 years afterwards nor will he be allowed to fly. something of a problem as he drives all the time for work. however if it hasn't grown then i'm guessing that nothing will be done apart from intermittent scans to monitor its structure but that's conjecture on my part.

for those of you who've read mcewan's 'saturday', the neurosurgeon we saw today was just like Perowne! exactly the kind of look and demeanor his character i had in mind as i read :)


alimal said...

hey there, missed you by half an hour. just dropped you an IM to see if you were around. Good to have the update - really hope the day wasn't too hard xxxx speak soon x (wot's your day off?)

kumquat said...

um... that *was* the day off! next one sunday.