10 June 2006

Summer soiree

Just back in from the soiree which was unbelieveable! Fantastic hog roast with some incredible salads I'd never heard of before, bar, coffee machine etc
And two sessions of an auction of promises to raise money for charity. I made a few bids but was waay out of my league! I bid on the whiskey tasting evening for 8 people but I think it went for about £200 in the end. Similarly the 3 course dinner party delivered to the door, box of home made cookies, swim party including barbeque, setting up a website with 6 months maintenance, weekend holiday in Devon, trampolining lessons, portraits...wow, the list goes on. People were really generous with their promises. (language tuition sessions, babysitting, cleaning & ironing, lifts to the airport, golf lesson, fashion consultancy with free lunch...) A group of us clubbed together to get a session at a 'high ropes' activity centre in Irthlingborough so I can't waaiit for that! They must have raised thousands to help the homeless.
One of the best evenings I've had for a very long time. The place was decorated fabulously. Great big stands with twisted branches tied to them full of lights and ribbons, huge drapes with original prints covering the walls. Stunning.

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