4 June 2006

medication for meditation


beware the evils of piriton! i have been incapacitated all day after taking my first hayfever tablet of the season which is weird cos i took them last year and was fine with them.
if you saw me at the back of church this morning with my head back, tongue lolling out indecently, sending up zeds, i was in fact in a deeper level of meditation that you can ever hope to achieve. went to bed this afternoon for about 3 hours. managed to drag myself to a barbeque this afternoon still feeling pretty spaced. am now back to sneezing merrily and can focus on the screen again. all is not lost, me and my computer are reunited.



Mole said...

Oh, I recognise this. Once the rains of May stopped my hayfever arrived. Took an anti histamine this morning and have been like the living dead all day. Not ideal when JJ is in Nottingham and I am primary parent. Now, where did I leave the children...............

kumquat said...

oh freaky!

are you going to carry on with it tomorrow hoping that it's a first day thing or are you going to ditch it and run back to air con at work like me?