3 June 2006

i remember something else that eejit of an interviewer asked; 'coming from an english lit background, i have to ask, are you just really trying to annoy people by having eight pages of pi in the middle?' Well let's spell this out with claps shall we? i-r-o-n-y. it was one of the funniest parts in the novel. i laughed and laughed. it's an email that one pod member sends to everyone else. there's one digit incorrect in these pages of pi and the first one to get spot it wins the opportunity to get him to sing something karaoke for them. it's a whole black humoured thing of spam emails, the fact that they compete, the fact that a canonical author can give over that space to numbers (he's part of the modern canon right?). i just loved the double irony that there is a character called Kam in there who has zero sense of humour or understanding of irony. uh huh. ooh i'm spotting a modern day parallel! shall i stop obsessing about this guy now.

mole, don't laugh but he taught on arvon!!


Mole said...

So, spill the beans. Who was it?

kumquat said...

david belbin