1 June 2006

boing boing

and i also got to meet bryan robson today which was pretty cool. nice chap. had an abrupt introduction when his publicist hands me her mobile and says 'he needs directions'. so i'm talking to bryan robson with everyone (staff, crowds, manager, book rep etc etc) looking eagerly at me to be the first to know where he is and how long he'll be. as for me, i'm thinking, i know nothing about giving directions to where we are if you're gunna say i'm on the A54321xyz and i've come to a roundabout. as some point he mentions a landmark i know and we're in business.
it was a fun afternoon. only one lunatic shouting BRYAN ROBSON!! in his face to get him to look and have his picture taken. and one woman who said 'i've waited 20 years to kiss you' and planted a smacker on him! lots of people with shirts and old football programmes for him to sign. then he sat in my chair in the office signing a load more stock.
just as we're calming down after the fun, harlen coben walks in and offers to sign stock for us. not bad eh?
but tomorrow it will be my turn to be the token nutter shouting DOUGLAS COUPLAND!!! I'VE WAITED 20 YEARS TO MEET YOU!!!


alimal said...

miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you miss you you get the point

kumquat said...

yes and ditto. this is craziness. i'm about on sunday. see you in the morning anyway.