8 August 2006

trial by fire

4-10 init, 11+ init, 4-10 non-init, 11+ non-init taken care of.

Now working on 1-3 from 06 + 05 acad. rpts.

4 screens

ph*x 1: isbn search
ph*x 2: gp coding by acad sub dept
ph*x 3: running exp order
bkdata: checking new eds, OP, UC, RP etc

line by line. like rolling a stone to the top of a hill, watching it roll down the other side then going back down and pushing it back up again. did someone do that already?!


Big Uni Town Boss said...

Hope you didn't join up for fun and excitement !!!

Persevere knowing that the best is yet to come: in 12 weeks or so you'll be packing it all up as a return ...

phillie said...

Now where did I put those 'Pre-Authorised' labels?