20 February 2006

in which a first is discovered and alcohol is a recurrent theme

to date i've not had the experience that many people have of waking up the next morning and remembering nothing after a drinking binge. until this evening when i discovered that i had been fed a bowl of miso soup between being dressed in someone else's pyjamas and lying down in a bed in derek jarman's old house. each of the latter i remember perfectly but not the miso soup. how freaked out was i when i found out this evening? this was virgin territory for me and felt really odd finding out.oh woe is me for i am not omniscient springs to mind for some incomprehensible reason. having learnt about renaissance man's ambition to know everything i've never been quite the same again. so anyway, i discovered this over my 2nd large (thank you NY3) glass of red.

found out interesting things like a good mate of mine, who for purposes of anonymity we'll call Mary, is friends with Peter Jackson and has his home number and has been to his house in NZ .

oh and i went to a management training day for work. i knew there was a reason i wound up at the blue posts!

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