8 February 2006

positively ancient

it's my birthday...oh actually, it just ended 18 minutes ago. drat.

anyway i had a super dooper time at a workshop on finance today. what better way to celebrate?

thankfully i had drinks out with one set of friends in london (where some rash confessions were made to me in front of lots of people by someone who i hope will wake up tomorrow morning and cringe with embarrassment).

then i had drinks out with a 2nd set of friends back home where they'd brought in a chocolate cake to the pub and had candles and all!!

lots more to say like a storm porch full of flowers and clay monsters but my birthday ended 21 minutes ago and i have another early train to catch in the morning. off to set my alarm for 6:15.

night night.


Digger said...

Happy Birthday K! (ok so a bit late, but eh - what you gonna do!)

I hope it was splendiferously wonderful.

kumquat said...

it wasn't bad!