3 October 2006

too dark

I so know Jem is gunna check up on me tonight and no, I didn't run. By the time I got home after being in a long traffic jam, it was too dark to go out. I don't know how I'm going to run in the winter. Bring on the badminton / swimming / running buddy evenings!
In other news:

Work continues to be a laugh a minute with customers ringing us up to tell us that women are inferior men and shout at us because the vans that take our deliveries are German and all the drivers are foreign.

And then of course there are the interviewees who come for Christmas jobs, get to the end of the interview and when asked if they have any questions, offer; 'Do I have to work over Christmas?'

Oh yes, we attract an altogether classier kind of job-seeker.


Jem said...

Yes you are right! I am checking up! Nevermind that you didnt jog, did you make Pams chicken??? I had 3 helpings this evening-not good for the training-oopps! Try and jog in the morning and if not, go tomorrow night. Ive looked at Badminton, woughton and stantonbury both have courts (i know that means nothing to you) but lets just say its near work. Which is good news, so its monday 16th then! But do try and fit in your jog before then, I cant have you letting the side down-not when it comes to badminton!!!Marathoners against the unfit- Hehe,see you tomorrow Mrs BLxx Ps -this will make you chuckle-when i post a comment I have to type some random letters in a box for some reason and everytime i come on here I disregard the command coz i see the little whelchair sign next to it and my brain just thinks 'thats for wheelchair users only' and i have just discovered that is NOT the case-silly old me!X

kumquat said...

you're right - that did make me chuckle!!!

i will deffo run thurs as it's my day off and i'll prob try and go a little further again as i have all day and there's no rush to get back before dark.

see you in the morning anyway.