28 September 2006

what a malarkey

my legs hurt
ma·lar·key also ma·lar·ky (m?-lär'k?) n. Slang.
Exaggerated or foolish talk, usually intended to deceive


Anonymous said...

running has always been alien to me. may the road rise and all that,
as it's a Time for Heroes.

'the capital of Manchester is missing from the Wimbledon Common resident'

kumquat said...

at last a cryptic i get first time round!

Anonymous said...

it's actually harder to think of an easy one for you than a hard one.
still well done.
btw you're on google hence i found this place.

'take away a ion from Pete's England, you can owe the rest'

good luck with that one, omg, ha

kumquat said...

Given that you've spelt it with an a and not an e, i think i did pretty well to get this one straight away!!!