27 September 2006

Back to Asics

Dunno if these are the actual ones I have but they look pretty much like this. Asics as recommended by Alimal. I was at the 4th shop before I found any women's running shoes that weren't by Nike. I actually told one assistant that I was 'outraged of milton keynes'. heh. Anyway, work and other sweat shops aside, I am rather chuffed with these little babies.

Chaussure Asics running GEL GT 2110

That is, I was impressed until I went running. I don't know whether I should take them back or not but I got about 3/4 of the way round the lake that I've been able to run round easily before and they stopped. They would only let me walk in them. I don't understand.

So I've done my first day of running. A pitiful 15 minutes but I've got til April right? And there's only Christmas standing between me and svelt athleticism. Piece of cake! (I mean......)


alimal said...

are you serious about the marathon? are you mental?

also, don't worry about the faulty Aasics - i tried some New Balance and I only made it half way down the road before they tripped me up over a curb I have managed multiple times before perfectly adequately. It was most embarrassing and the trainers must have caused themselves further damage in the form of some kind of leak as I got barely 5 minutes into my run before they ran out of petrol and came to a complete stop. These shoe manufacturers need to raise their game i tell you. In consumer protest i haven't been out in them since

kumquat said...

yes mental. should i rethink?

can't stop.

out for a run now.

hopefully i won't see voldemort half way into my run like i did wednesday.