2 March 2006

half and half

another day of flitting between two different branches and not really enjoying the dizzying effects of hurtling round hertfordshire. well, it makes the working day go quicker i guess.

overheard at work today: "that book's awful. i read the first few pages but it was so bad i had to throw it across the room." It happened to be the book I'm reading at the moment and finding really interesting!


John Self said...

Would that be Stuart: A Life Backwards? Must admit I found it a chore after the first hundred pages or so. Not enough to throw across the room of course: I mean how would I be able to resell it on Amazon after that...?

kumquat said...

haha. yes,stuart. my best mate works with the homeless and it's really interesting reading keeping in mind some of the things i've heard about rough sleepers and having a view of how things are from her point of view. i don't think the 'backwards' element is working terribly well. i have to read it though as i bumped into alexander who signed my book and drew me a picture in the front!

John Self said...

So those illustrations in the book are by him? I'm not sure they add much. I agree that the 'backwards' thing doesn't really cut it, as he continues to tell elements of the story forwards, ie the conviction/appeal etc of the couple who ran the homeless centre.