26 February 2006

protecting the guilty

persons a, b, c, d and e have been lax recently and rather unfeeling despite my having taken an unspecified action. Person f has outclassed him/herself in being a prize chump and left me and person g unhappy. People at location A have helped and a number at location B also. On another matter I am spending less time at location C which is not a bad thing but location D is not a perfect place to be always. In particular individual x can be hard work and makes me think how easy it was to be with person y. Person z continues to be intermittently annoying with occassional flashes of personability. Overall the situation with (i) is looking positive and situation (ii) has an end in sight.

But now I must go down to person g and have lunch!


alimal said...

gosh. the mind boggles... i'm going to print that out, come round and nosily ask for names :) i wanna know if my guesses are right...!

love from "i-sincerely-hope-i'm-not-person-a-b-c-d-e-f-x-or-z" :)

kumquat said...

awww, you of all people have NOTHING to fear - other than the fact that I'm going to be that annoying person who is constantly hanging around you like a bad smell saying 'hello it's me again'!