27 February 2006

quite simply splendid

what a top notch day. down to Londonium to sit around in a meeting for work, seeing lots of lovely peeps I consider good friends since starting the fasttrack course. A trip round my mate's store where he is the A.M (almighty master). Coffee out with said chap. Giggles about our 100 word writing challenge and promises to quaff alcohol together again soon.

Wandered down to the National Theatre where I saw a stunning display of post-Tsunami photos put up by Oxfam. I do think Oxfam are completely fab.

Got intercepted just as I was heading for Tate Modern by a text from another rather charming mate who told me to hot foot it back to Covent Garden's 'Food for Thought' restaurant to meet him for lunch. Don't mind if I do! Had one of my favourite foods ever - pasta and pesto. Kicks foodie butt. A groovy little broom cupboard of an establishment. Talked shop for a while then moved on to the pub to put the worlds to right.

Trained back home in time for tea prepared by the MIL and am now about to drop into my pit for a few hours.


Dave said...

phil joe bed?

kumquat said...

ha ha ha. you got it! para 1 i was out with phil, para 2 i was out with joe, para 3 i was collapsing asleep.
well spotted.

phillie said...

am, like, so jealous you went to Food For Thought. Though I believe pesto was the wrong choice!

kumquat said...

So stop working stop working hours and spend more time out with me. Easy.

So what should I have had or more to the point, what shall we have there next time we're out?

i presume this philly is the same person i call 'Auster' in my head?

kumquat said...


stop working so much