1 March 2006

day off

lay in til 930 when i realised i had an appointment in an hours time, half an hour away. made it by 1035.

the appointment went like this. brrr. clump clump clump. crunch crunch. click-clunk, click-clunk, ting-ting-ting of the poma, swooooosh.

got home. went and had me nails done.

got home. washed up. sat and watched 'bagdad cafe' that i got free with the guardian a few months ago. really liked it. the setting was just the kind of colours and backdrop to a lot of books i like reading. decided i really like that beat up old american middle of nowhere type of scene, especially in novels.

got pizza in. had friend round. put world to rights. got late birthday present from her after her trip to syria; groovy ingredients for middle eastern cooking (saffron, undefined but delicious smelling spice, dried lemons which remind me of the shrunken heads in the pitts river which i haven't seen so therefore can't technically be reminded of them but still are rather how i picture a shrunken head, only more aromatic, hopefully) Also got a stunning tablecloth made of woven reds, golds and blacks from Syria. Reminded me a lot of the traditional Palestinian patterns on other things I have.

just read someone else's blog who says lots of tremendously charming things about me. obviously someone who doesn't know me terribly well but i'm not complaining.

i might even link it!


what the heck.


alimal said...

read the link! :)

John Self said...

So did I! You brazen... er, lady!