10 September 2013

Days like these...

Phone call from mini-me checking to see how I'm doing. Got link to a pile of his artwork I'd not seen before

Ran into Tony B who recommended tk maxx for headphones

Bought very reasonably priced Skull Candy that have great volume and quality

Coffee with Vanessa

Bought pile of yoghurts so the yog-hog can pay back her debt to society and the Tull's fridge

Odds and ends of jobs

Tea chez Cook's. Got three cards, 1 each from the kids with Oscar signing his card as 'bum' because there wasn't enough space to write his name!!!

Did a bit of worship at a small group and got spontaneously swamped with prayer and love

Back home to find Kirsty had hung out my washing!

Dog hugs & sleep

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