19 March 2006

No matter how good your camera, nothing can reproduce the grandeur of actually being on the edge of a precipice in the alps.

We had an amazing time, spoilt with brilliant sunshine and cloudless skies the entire time we were away. Above is one of my favourite red runs. (Direction Oz?) During the week I did the longest black piste run in Europe; 16k and one of the most difficult black runs in Europe: the tunnel run. Seasoned skiers think twice and three times before hanging their feet over the edge and manoeuvring the moguls.

It's very peculiar to be skiing in blazing sunshine but still see enormous icicles (some up to 20 ft) and snowdrifts everywhere.

I've come back with Panda eyes from tanning with sunglasses, attempted harder runs than last year, made a few jumps and raced with the blokes!

The scenery is stunning, the sport is breath taking and the company was brilliant. It's the perfect holiday if you have a kid who is always on the move and two adults who don't quite know when enough is enough.


alimal said...

you're hoooooome!! hooray! and, I'm relieved to assume, all in one piece!!

have just come in to work and discovered our administrator's husband broke his leg last week while they were skiing - broken in several places - he had to SKI DOWN THE MOUNTAIN because there was no one around- and now he's left in France on his own doing solitary in traction.

very happy to see your in-tact bodies standing happily on slopes.

black run. for goodness sake.

:) xxx

kumquat said...

hee hee. i have a bruise on my upper leg the length of base of palm to middle finger tip and half a dozen round my knee where i fell on the tunnel of death run. also my left thumb got bent right back on that same run and is still sore. otherwise i hardly fell at all and when i did it was mostly off piste so i just got a shower of cold snow down my back, a soft powdery landing and lots of people laughing at me!

alimal said...

by the way, I finished the Calvino - a ha!! will be starting Ishiguro today! :)

Mole said...

Welcome back. I have to admit to HUGE attacks of the green monster. It looks quite breathtaking. Lucky you!

kumquat said...

It was really fabulous. I don't want to be a gloaty type of person but really, learn to ski and go! It makes superlatives redundant.

Mole said...


Can you REALLY imagine nearly 18 stone of dainty,delicate old me hurtling down the hill, on two floor boards, at warp speed.

They would have to clear the whole mountain just to protect the innocent.

It would make a great plot for a disaster movie. (This coming from a man who smashed himself into small pieces riding a bike to the station)