18 October 2006

wit with a silent T at the beginning

Told a rep - one of the few i don't want to murder with a rusty compass and soiled dental floss - about my blog with the fatal words; 'it's very witty'.

Now i scroll back to see that the last page consists of recipes and fitness training. granted, eunuchs are mentioned but i must up my game (no, no fitness analogies), start posting something a bit meatier (no, no cooking analogies) and try and improve my satirical margin, maybe run a spreadsheet on hits per comment and compose a cluster comparison report against other witty blogs. Yes, that should really give it a boost.

Lights, compass, action!


Anonymous said...

india. the very name conjures up a continent. the very name conjures up a name to conjure with.
it was kipling i think, who said, an india without rhandhi p'hurr is as hard to imagine as a fish without marmalade.

'i'l shorten emily, and replace the rest with an o at England's home stadium'

give that to your pub quiz team :-)

kumquat said...

there speaks a man who has taken leave of his senses.