17 October 2006

25 plus 5. you do the maths.

yes THIRTY, well done.

tonight i upped my max 25 minutes to 30 minutes of running. out with the borrower and montefiore round the river. two crazy things happened to me on this run and both in the last five minutes.

firstly my feet felt like they had suddenly risen dramatically in temperature i lost all feeling in my toes apart from pins and needles. odd. next time i'll tie the laces more loosely and see if that makes a difference.

secondly, all the tiredness in my calves disappeared and i started running faster than i had the rest of the run. runner's high maybe. i don't know but i felt like i could have kept running much further. only i couldn't feel my feet. seemed like a good moment to stop, throw off my trainers and march round on gravel trying to get sensation back!

anyway, i'm feeling suitably smug and self satisfied now. tomorrow morning when i have a changeover to execute and i can't stand up without crying, i might feel less bouyant.


Jemma said...

WELL DONE, WELL DONE, WELL DONE!! YIPPEEEEE-Thirty whole mins!! That is fab Joy. V proud. I did a quick galavant round the block tonight. Im sooo pleased you get the weird tow thing too, thats exactly what happens to me but Joe thinks im making it up in order to have a rest durring my run, im not its so weird though isnt it, It feels like that feeling before your about to get pins and needles to me. Anyhoo, *important info* we dont need to book a place at the bowl, just turn up at 6am on the day. Dont forget to find a bucket for Mr P! See you in the morn. Ps that bloody disabled thing got me again!

alimal said...

yeah, whenever i run my second-in little toe loses all sensation pretty much instantly and doesn't get it back for an hour or so. fun!

very impressed by your 30 mins though - you go girl! am hopefully running this eve (maybe) but am still building up my crippled little shins ... so if i do fifteen without leg-splitting pain I'll be happy :)