29 October 2006


A crazy bunch of guests started to turn up at my party and steadily drink themselves into oblivion while I tried to distract them with the lesser pleasures of smoked salmon and cream cheese on home made parmesan biscuits...

Borrower got teased all night about being a pocket sized northener...but look how diddy she is!

Guests queue up for the piece de resistance dish of the evening....Chocolate fountain!!

Josh kept everyone brilliantly entertained with his on the spot songs about the guests and mournful ballads on the subject of being turned down for a credit card!

I had 17 people in the house which I loved. The party was celebrating nothing. I just wanted a houseful of nice people and that's exactly what I got.

The candle-lit chill out room seemed to be a success and the fennel tree with blue lights made an impression. I overheard some cracking conversations and laughed more than I have in a long time. (Anecdote: "UNACCEPTABLE" and the reason why Andrew hasn't spoken since 1982!!)

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NY3 said...

A close second to 'UNACCEPTABLE' surely had to be the choice phrase used by the Borrower when having trouble trying to operate the buttons on your digital camera...