18 July 2012

The folks

Time for a bit of shameless bragging about my parents. Essentially they rock and I pity the rest of you for not having folks as cool as mine.
If I think I'm being cutting edge (though this is usually only a bi-annual event), my Dad starts a conversation with; 'So tell me what you know about so-and-so who was the first person to be involved in your field of interest'. Well yes, let me just order that clearly seminal work on a key player I've never even heard of before... OR 'I've just been reading about the response to Postmodernism's idea that (insert further long words here)' Well yes, uncanny, me too. Sort of. Not.

I love to be kept on my toes like this. I also love being taken out for brunch and we managed to squeeze in a Full English after a trip round the farmer's market; my parents asking how a stall holder was getting on reading a 'significant book' given out the previous month and me getting told off for putting my hand in a sack of coffee beans! 'Sorry about that, she's just back from Africa'!!!

It was called Safari -what was I supposed to do??
Found this old but functional radio in the garage and couldn't help but snap it. Another cool little detail from their house; accidentally retro!

Had an exciting speaking engagement arranged for me - children's talk at chapel :) So much more potential than just speaking to adults!
Had a flashback to eating with Arabs each time we sat down for a meal; 'Eat! Eat! You've hardly had anything! اوكلي! ماكلتي خير

Enjoyed the rest of my time reading Müller, sleeping and trying to chase blackbirds out of the soft fruit cages!!

So yeah, in true playground idiom, my folks are cooler than your folks!!

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