18 July 2012

Sunning & Indolence.

A week after leaving Africa-ca-ca-ca (Shooting Stars allusion), I had a week's holiday in Puerto de Mogan, Gran Canaria. 'Twas a place of much sunning and indolence.

I stayed in a fab little hostel up a steep winding alley way of white painted houses, pots of colourful plants and whistling birds in outdoor cages.


I was most struck by the incredibly clear water and number and variety of tropical fish that could be seen just standing on the port side. The beach was man-made so fairly tame but they served the purpose (see post title)

Enjoyed making friends with the staff and other lodgers in the hostel. Went to a fabulous local water park one day with flumes steep enough to give you nose bleeds. Yeah man! Also watched the Euro matches that didn't involve penalty shoot-outs!

Came home and booked my next trip away. Watch this space!

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