21 July 2012

Bedford River Festival

Purported to be the next largest festival after Notting Hill Carnival.

Thousands of people, rides, foodie places, crafts, crystal ball readers, sign-up-here for army/uni/archery/dancing/rambling (yeah I've got THAT badge!)/sports etc...

Mostly underwhelmed.

To keep my mind occupied and not get drawn into a queue of people waiting to hit something with a hammer/kick a football into an impossibly small hole/ring bells, I ate a sausage with onions, a bag of hot cinnamon roasted nuts and counted dogs. 105.

That's a lot o' pups.

Far more interesting was my walk with Monty this morning when I came across a load of bees swarming in and out of a tree. When I looked (slightly more) closely, I could see a honeycomb in there! Real life science and nature going on. Now THAT'S interesting.

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