20 July 2012

'Haute cuisine for brain foodies'

Here are probably my top 6 most used apps after the usual text/phone/email/music/camera options;

The most notable exception would be Kindle which is open
most days.
I like the following for travel;

Of course I particularly like the tube map app so you can check your route without looking like a tourist!
Other honourable mentions go to;

Ideal for sport nerds and pretenders alike. I fall into the latter group as I want to know the scores but will never have any interest in how much the mid-fielders are worth, where they were bought from...oh I'm bored already.
Another favourite is;

Not only is Ted a fantastic brother-in-law but a great source of haute cuisine for brain foodies. Search for 5 min inspirational talks, 10 min funnies or half hour talks on science, culture, technology or any other discipline that takes your fancy.
SO. What are your favourite apps and why?
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